Learn About Tools Containing 13C Yeast Extract for Use As An Internal Standard


Having an internal standard for every metabolite measured is necessary for proper identification of metabolites. It’s also essential for reproducible identification.

In this article, we are going to talk about IROA metabolic profiling tools that contain uniformly 13C-labeled yeast extract for use as an internal standard in mammalian metabolic profiling studies. At the end of the article, we will also tell you how you can get these tools. Thus, if you are interested in learning more about 13C yeast extract metabolite standards, consider going through the rest of the article properly.

13C yeast extract

What is IROA?

Before we start talking about metabolic profiling tools, let’s see what IROA is.

IROA is the short form of ‘Isotopic Ratio Outlier Analysis’. It’s actually a simple and direct metabolic profiling technique. In this technique, unique signatures or tags are embedded into biochemical metabolites for relative quantitation by mass spectrometry and software algorithms. It helps with finding, identifying, and quantitating those specific signatures.

In this technique, 95% and 5% 13C abundance are used to embed unique signatures. The use of these 13C isotopes enhances the ability to identify and quantify molecules to a great extent. Here are the main advantages of 95% and 5% 13C labeling:

First of all, these 13C isotopes give rise to a unique isotopic pattern. It’s very easy to differentiate the patterns from natural abundance non-biological artefacts and noise.
Second, 95% and 5% 13C labeling removes variances. This is another great advantage of using 95% and 5% 13C abundance.
Third, since you can mix and analyze 95% and 5% 13C samples together, it will also reduce the cost of analysis.
Fourth, it’s mathematically calculable.

Tools for Metabolic Profiling Studies

Here are the IROA kits for generating 13C yeast extract metabolite standard for mammalian metabolic profiling:

1. IROA® Phenotypic Quantitation Kit

The kit components include labeling medium ( 1 Bottle of 250 mL EBSS/RPMI 1640 vitamin solution (1X) containing 1mg/mL 95% U-13C labeled glucose & 1 empty sterile bottle to store media following filter sterilization) and component mix (657.5 mg 95% U-13C labeled yeast extract and amino acids). This kit is designed for situations where experimental samples can’t be labeled in culture systems such as biopsies, or large-scale fermentation.

2. IROA® Fluxomic Quantitation Kit

This kit also has labeling medium and component mix. However, the difference between ‘Phenotypic Quantitation Kit’ and ‘Fluxomic Quantitation Kit’ is that the Fluxomic Quantitation Kit includes 5% U-13C. It provides the reagents to fully label mammalian cells at 5% U-13C.

13C yeast extract standard

Find More Information about Metabolic Profiling Tools

You will find detailed information about the metabolic profiling tools on the website of ‘IROA Technologies LLC’. Click on the link – iroatech.com to visit the website now. IROA supplies kits for generating specific internal standards tailored to experimental cell types, including bacterial, yeast, and mammalian cell lines. Feel free to contact them directly for more information about 13C yeast extract metabolite standards. Also, readother articles to learn more about metabolite profiling tools.

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