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9 important questions to ask Onyx Supplier before making an order


Onyx is one kind of banded Chalcedony (a cryptocrystalline form of silica) that is composed of fine intergrowth of moganite and quartz. Onyx has a various colour range from white to those imaginable all. In banding and colour, the type of Onyx varies greatly. This stunning and natural stone provides an attractive silky translucent glow that can beat any other stone. Because of this quality and properties, Onyx has huge use with backlit technology. 

Anyway, now you need to choose an authentic Onyx Supplier. But how you can do it? Well, this post will help you to choose the right dealer of Onyx. Go through the upcoming passages to know what questions you should ask a supplier.

Ask the following questions

Before you buy Onyx stone from any random supplier, you need to know whether the company is right for the deal or not. So, ask below questions to the company before you plan an order.

·       What is your service area?

This question is to know whether the company can deliver your order to your location or not. If no, then you need to find another company.

·       Is installation included?

Some Onyx Suppliers offer installation service along with delivery, and some don’t. So, according to your requirement, select or cancel companies.

·       What colours are available?

A lot of colours are available in this sort of stone. To select the perfect colour for your place, ask the question and choose the colour you prefer. 

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·       Does it need maintenance?

Beside honest suppliers, some Onyx dealer may answer no. To check their authenticity, ask this question and get to know what they reply to you.

·       How quickly you can deliver the material?

Truthful company will give you an approx date of delivery of the material. On the contrary, to get your order, a few suppliers will not give you any idea when they will be able to deliver your order.

·       Is there any minimum quantity to order?

Generally, there is no limitation of minimum order. You can order how much you need. 

·       What is your payment policy?

You can get several payment options from reputable companies. Go for the company that offers your preferable one option.

·       What if I want to delay the delivery date?

To this question, several companies may not give a perfect answer or cancel your order. But renowned companies will hold your order for a few weeks and wait for your suitable date. 

·       Why you?

Though it is the last question we mention, it is the most important fact to know. Go for the company that responds with a satisfying answer. 

Onyx supplier to contact

Asking such questions, you can select an Onyx Supplier. Well, you can also add some other questions that you want to know from them. But don’t miss to ask any of the questions. Though you can get references online, we recommend you to contact Sonic Stone as they are one of the renowned companies in this industry. Click on sonicstone.co.uk to visit their online store.

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