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9 Questions You Should Ask Your Office Furniture Supplier

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No need to mention that for buying quality guaranteed office furniture at the best rates you need to deal with a trusted supplier. Well, you can easily access an online store but how to confirm that the supplier is trustworthy? Relax. Here are some questions to ask an office furniture supplier before finalizing a deal. So here we go.

  1. Can You Help Me With My Long-Term Vision?
    You should not forget that office furniture serves more than as office decoration. Therefore, invest in the best you can afford but only after carefully considering your future plan regarding your company. For example, will you move on to a bigger office? Are you planning to change the paint on the walls?
  2. Can You Offer Versatility?
    Of course, the supplier should be capable of offering a versatile range of furniture and facilities. You know that the general categories are the reception area, private offices, conference room, kitchen, call center, cubicles, etc. You first need to determine which spaces you want to cover and what items you need. Then ask the supplier if they could meet your needs.
    The basic things people require are file storage, display cases, couches, desks, chairs, etc. And yes, before anything, don’t forget to do a lot of online research.
  3. Tell Me About Your Range Of Products?
    Prepare a list of all the pieces of furniture you need. And then ask the office furniture supplier if they have a wide range of products to provide you accordingly. Take your computers, documents, telephones, meeting rooms, etc. into account. Your choice of products should be according to the nature of your business and the space you have in your office. You will have to pick our furniture according to the comfort or special needs of each employee. And to meet all such demands, your office furniture supplier should have variety.
  4. Will Your Deals Fit Within My Budget?
    The budget is a concern for sure. But you should not be prioritizing budget over quality since that will be a big mistake. Such a decision will make you regret it later. Sacrificing quality for saving some bucks means inviting unwanted problems that will soon require costly repairs.
  5. What About Your Delivery Facilities?
    It’s crucial to know how long it will take to deliver the furniture. This is even more important especially when you need it within the scheduled time maybe for client meetings or any other program. Checking, selecting, finalizing, placing orders, etc. – all these tasks tend to be very time-consuming. So you should be planning ahead.

The other questions you should be asking are:

  • Do you offer recycled or new furniture?
  • Tell me about the quality and durability of your products?
  • Is the warranty included?
  • What financing options do you offer? etc.

A Trusted Office Furniture Supplier to Contact

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