Want To Extend Your Eyelashes? Know 3 Important Things First!


Eyelash extension can fulfil your desire of having voluminous eyelashes. It’s an excellent way to add glamour to the beauty of a woman. It has become the latest fashion trend. Well, most women nowadays prefer to opt for this approach to have beautiful eyes. Are you willing to extend your eyelashes? Then you must know three crucial things about eyelash extensions. Now, go through the entire article to explore these.

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Eyelash extension comes with a lot of benefits. So, let’s explore it first!

1. Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Listed below are the undeniable benefits of eyelash extensions.

Save Your Time

After you fix the extended eyelashes, there is no need to lengthen and darken them. Even you wouldn’t have to use lash curlier. It means eyelash extension will cut down the time of your eye makeup.

Get a Glamorous Feel

Adding volume and length to eyelashes is the key reason why most women opt for this approach. Not only that, but the thick and voluminous eyelashes will also give you a glamorous look.

These Are Customizable

Before extending eyelashes, different questions may arise. Some women want to increase the length of eyelashes, while others opt for volume. Some pay attention to shape and colour. So, keeping these in mind, you can choose eyelashes according to your wish.

Boost Your Self-confidence

Eyelash extension will give you an incredible look. It can increase the overall appearance of a woman. And with this feeling, your self-confidence will automatically increase.

After extending your eyelashes, one need to follow aftercare tips. It will allow your extended eyelashes last longer. Now, read the following lines to know aftercare tips of eyelash extensions.

2. Aftercare Tips of Eyelash Extensions

You should follow the tips mentioned below after extending your eyelashes.

Be Careful During the First 24 Hour

You need to take care of your extended eyelashes during the first 24 hours to set these along with natural lashes. You should not wash your face with any cleansers. And don’t use any face and eye cream during this time.

Clean Your Eyelashes

It’s crucial to clean your eyelashes. Though they are not natural ones, these can get infected by bacteria. This method will remove any leftover stuck in between the extension.

Don’t Pull the Extended Eyelashes

Don’t pull or tug your extended eyelashes. Any motion may cause them to fall out sooner. And never rub your face with a towel. These lashes are delicate, and they might rip.

No Mascara

After extending eyelashes, you wouldn’t need any extra coat of mascara. Moreover, mascara can affect your eyelashes. Besides, you should not use any liquid liner.

Now, let’s move on to the eyelash extension supplies that you need to have.

3. The Eyelash Extension Supplies You Must Have

You must have the following eyelash extension supplies.
• Eyelashes
• Eyelash extension pads
• Eyelash extension glue

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